During last three years, it had been Sirasu Sani for you. That is – Sani was in your 12th house from your Raasi. This was the beginning of your tough time. Some might have sustained financial losses;some might have separated from the family; official relationships would have seen a never before adversity.

These were all the beginning of the tough time. Now Sani Baghwan is very likely to touch your health. General medical expenses in the overall family would be far above the normal one. Physical and psychological strains of health concerns would be very much disturbing.If you have not separated from your family until now, you should feel happy about it. Pray Lord Sani Baghwan that you do not have the turbulence of separation hereafter. There is every possibility until
the entire 7-1/2 years’ Sani period is over.

Unexpectedly, you will find your official relationships unbecoming. For no reason or for petty small issues, you will develop difference of opinion with your superiors and this may result in a change of location or lowering of responsibilities.Your personal respect will be very much vulnerable to suffer. You might be cutting a sorry figure for no fault of yours and even there might be chances that you are made a scape goat of others’ failures or faults.

You will find that one or more of your friends will be calm spectators of the injustice rendered to you and you will find yourself in a helpless situation.
You may not feel the feat of Janma Sani during the first one year – but as the days pass on – you will feel the heat of it.Do not contemplate a change in job or business during this period. This is one of the unfavorable periods of time for any new venture.

Things may look like being favorable. But this is only apparent and the actual scenario will be something different, unless you are running a most favorable Maha Dasa period. There will be kind of mediation or arbitration in respect of properties within the family. In most cases, it might not find a final conclusion and will drag for some time. If finalized during this period, it may not be favorable to your interests.

Financially, this will be a tough period as has been said earlier. There will be compelling situations where you will have to borrow money. It is advisable that you do not create any interest bearing liabilities. It will be difficult for your to discharge the liabilities with interest in time.Beware of damages due to fire or fire accidents.