Out of the 7-1/2 Years’ Sani period, the Janma Sani period, which is considered to be ferocious is now over. Of course, the impact of 7-1/2 Years’ Sani itself is not all that severe as in the case of other Raasis.Thulam is one of the Raasis, which is considered sympathetic to Sani Baghwan. However, now it is the
last of 7-1/2 Years’ Sani period, called Paada Sani.

The turbulence of the Uchcha Sani (Exalted Sani) in Thulam is now gone and the severity is going to be felt in further lighter vein.Of course, financial strain is inevitable. Whatever is the money you are making, that will drain in no time. In other words, expenses will be waiting before you receive your money.
In several cases, you will have to manage a deficit financing and may have to raise loans to meet the

expenses. In some cases, even the availability of funds on loan itself might become a problem. In one form or the other, you will have an inner feeling of insecurity of life or life’s safety. Health may impair in some cases and associated medical expenses will add to your financial miseries.Mother’s health might be affected in some cases.Some will have to separate from the family in distress and may have to travel to far away distances or even foreign countries.

These travels will not be that much comfortable and happy. You will have to separate from the family with a heavy heart, carrying all the worries of the present and the future.Even in the new places, you will just be not yourself. You might not be able to think and decide things. You will be carried away by the sequence of events just without your conscience or control.Exceptionally in some cases, there might be a division in the family. It may be an acute difference of

opinion or it might be a physical bifurcation. Sani being in the 2nd and such instances might take place.There might be an interruption in the Career or Education during this period.It is good to be psychologically prepared to withstand the adversities of life during this period.house might affect the family status