It is all about Sani coming into your 4th house. This is generally known as Arthashtama Sani period. This means that the period is going to impart half the effects of Ashtama Sani.The effects of Arthashtama Sani is multi-dimensional.The one thing that can come out during this period is a stalemate in the progress in the career growth.

For many, this will not allow the desired changes in their career path. For some, it might be locational disadvantage. For some others, it might hold the incumbent tightly without a room to even make an attempt for a change in career.The saddening part of it is that, even in the existing place, it might not allow your remuneration commensurate to your qualification, experience or your other merits.

There will be paper bound appreciations in an attempt to keep you cool. But in terms of actual benefits, here will be nothing worth mentioning.If you try out beyond all this to escape to a convenient job outside, a threat to impair your future will stall your efforts. There will be other constraints within the family. There are probabilities that your own health, or the health of your kith and kin, in particular the health or other well-being of your

mother will cause you some anxiety.There will be strange constraints. You might appear to get some opportunities abroad or on-site opportunities. But these opportunities will come at a time when you are totally uncomfortable to travel abroad, in view of your family conditions or your own health concerns.

It is better to be under comfortable insurance coverage to meet the medical expenses. There are chances that you might get involved with or without your conscious consent, in some dispute in which you will be made the center of the problem, though you have done nothing to attract such a bad name.

Some will have a compelling time with law enforcing agencies or might get involved in some kind of a legal dispute.

Wherever you smell a problem, it is good that you refrain from the scene.