Sade Saathi has many names such as Sade Saathi, Shanichari, Musibathi, Aafath etc. Nature is well understood by the science of astrology. Every planet is attributed with a special role. Happiness and sorrow play hide and seek in man’s life. In some people’s lives there is more happiness as there is more unhappiness in some people’s lives. The attaining of ‘moksha’ is the ultimate goal of man’s life.

In the astro-charts of many astrological texts planet Shani has been given the place of the planet of sorrow. This may be true only up to an extent and in certain aspects. It is shown that God Shani, soon after his birth, showed a glimpse of his nature to his father God Surya. God Shani, who symbolizes righteousness and justice, creates Sade Saathi.

Sade Saathi is a period of 7 and ½ years. Shani takes 30 years to traverse all the 12 planets. He stays 2 and ½ years in one ‘rasi’ or sun sign. When the planet, aspects the lord of the house, then the good benefits are derived. In the garland of planets, God Shani is called ‘Chaya Martand’. When ‘Chaya Grah’ or the star passes through a house, that star sign’s previous star’s sign and the next star sign is troubled. That is ‘Chaya Grah’. This belief is accepted in Sade Saathi. When Shani passes through the 12th house of the birth chart for the second time, then it is called as Sade Saathi. Shani stays in a house for 2 and ½ years. This way, God Shani’s transit through 3 houses is called Sade Saathi. (2 and ½ x 3= 7and ½). Therefore, this patch of 7and1/2 years is known to bring suffering, sorrows and misfortune. This is known by people as Sade Saathi.

In the birth chart of Moon sign, when there is Shani behind and ahead, till then it is called Sade Saathi. In the normal course, the effects of Sade Saathi are common to all creatures. Then, whether they are saints, commoners, great people, spiritualists, Gods or godly people, all have them have the same effect on them. Whether it is King Veer Vikramaditya or Nala Damayanti or people of all kinds, the effect of it is the same on all.

Whichever Rasi has Sade Saathi, on that day’s previous Rasi when Shani is upon it then it is called Ascendant Sade Saathi. Ascendant Sade Saathi for some in the middle and for some in the end as Decscendant Sade Saathi is favourable. Any big solution sought for Sani in Sade Saathi, takes a small shape. And when the time comes for the benefit, it comes in a big way like a miracle. As per astrology, Shani’s Sade Saathi is understood in three parts. One is from Lagna, the other is from Moon and the third is from Sun. Over a period of thirty years, every chart is affected by Sade Saathi once, whether he is a lion or a king. Sade Saathi touches every birth chart. The Moon’s aspected Sade Saathi is accepted in north India. In the chart, where the moon is seen one house before and one house after, till then there will be the effect of Shani. For example, till Aries and Taurus , there will be the effect of Sade Saathi.