It was almost a breeze when Sani Baghwan was in the 6th house. Even heavier things to obtain would have shown a lighter weight. Of course, in the beginning of 2014, things would have appeared tough going for some, because, Sani Baghwan was on Vakra Kathi (retrograde course). The rest of the period would have proved to be good.

Now there is a slight shift in the way things happen.For some, the health of the spouse would be affected. For some there may be some kind of a romantic experience. Beware; there is always a risk for your reputation and fame in any kind of romantic relationship. This time it appears that it will be kind of being below your status and dignity. It will help you great, if you can keep yourself away from such attractions.

Some will have a compelling reason to travel abroad. Your career will corner you with some situation that going abroad is a must. But at home, the situation will be altogether different.At home you will have every reason to reamin at home and take care of things or there might be an emotional binding that prevents you from going abroad. You will be caught between the two diagonally opposite considerations.

Finally, your carrier will mean your survival and you will have to take up the journey with rather a heavy heart.

Some will have reasons to be scared of the long hands of the law and law enforcing agencies. Even some might seek legal remedy to bail out from the hands of law. All these put together will create a sense of fear about the security of job.With almost nothing faulty at your hands, you will have to be mulling over all these unwarranted worries.

Finances will be decaying and you might have to struggle for money at times. There will be displeasure and disharmony within the family. In some cases, there might even be kind of separations.It will be difficult to convince the whole of the family of your fair dealings.

There might be apprehensions and mutual grievances within the family.You will need a good deal of tolerance and endurance to handle the kindling family situations.With all the practical difficulties, your passage of time during the next two and half years, will be calm and partially gratifying.