PHASE I: VIRAYA SANI If the Saturn enters the 12th house from the natal moon/ janma rasi, then the period of Saturn (sade-sati) starts and the first 2 ½ year is called as viraya sani period. During this period one suffers a lot financially. Fruitless travels, roaming around aimlessly, Loss of prestige and bad name. Children lack concentration and face memory problems. They become poor in studies and start disobeying parents. Debt, loss of wealth, sleeplessness may also arise. Though financial position gets affected, they get money through some means for a better survival. Few people in india believe that, a person would be in the clutches of Saturn if the crow hits a person at his back or in his head.

PHASE II: JANMA SANI The second 2 ½ year is called as janma sani period. One gets affected physically during this period. Mental worry, Indifferences with spouse, Problems in job/ business. De-promotion or problems with higher officials or transfer in job. Staying away from home leaving all the family members happens.

PHASE III: PADHA SANI OR KUDUMBA SANI This is the last phase of sade-sati. Problems with family members, financial problems and legal problems in severe cases will happen during this period. Accident, fracture or injury in the leg might happen during Padha sani period. The family members in the family will be seriously affected if more than two person in a house has sade-sati period simultaneously. This rule does apply for astama-sani also. In such a case, To protect yourself from the malefic effects of Saturn, it is advisable that any one from the home stays away either in hostel or in a relative’s house. Though this suggestion looks strange, this has worked for many by experience.

Other Phases of Saturn: Astama-sani, Arthastama-sani Beside the 12th, 1st and 2nd positions, Saturn gives more malefic effects similar to the sade-sati in 8th and 4th positions. If Saturn transits the 8th house from the natal moon(janma rasi/moonsign) it is called as astama-sani. Its period is for 2 ½ of years but gives more malefic effects than the sade-sati. If the Saturn transits the 4th house from natal moon it is called as artha-astama-sani, as the name indicates, artha (half), astama(eight). This period gives half the malefic effects of astama-sani.