This is time all that good in life are bound to happen. Almost, the next two and half years are going to be colorful.Sani Baghwan coming into the 6th house is going to bless you with all the happiness and prosperity.If any promotion in career is due, you can be certain that you get it – mostly in the first one year period, when Guru Baghwan is also in the 2nd house.

Your appraisal ratings and annual benefits will normally be above your expectations.Business or Profession will flourish with exceptionally good performance and results.Financial benefits will good and your efforts will be rewarding. You can have adequate surplus to be able to invest in new properties.

This is high time when you can venture into new business activities.Litigations, arbitrations or mediations that may be pending or ongoing, are very likely to be decided in your favor during this period of time. Marriages or other Subha Kaarya, which were long due, will materialize and the family as a whole will be happy about the happenings in the family.

Family will normally be in a festive mood. A foreign tour will come your way at an unexpected point of time. Your travel abroad will be beneficial and profit making.If you are working, an opportunity for on-site deputation is very likely during this time period.In the overall, this period of time when Sani is in Vrichiga Raasi, will be a period of breeze and happiness.