Sani Transit 2014 Mesha Rasi/Aries

If we compare as to how Sani is going to be for the next about 2-1/2 years with that of the period when Sani was in your 7th house, it is really a matter of concern.

In the past, Sani in Thulam was in his Uchcham state (exalted). And yet, it was in your 7th place. The impact of Sani would have resulted in a travel to a long distance, mostly abroad.

Now when Sani comes to your 8th house, you might experience some severe difficulties in the progression of your career. In some cases, there might even be a dislocation.

Relationships, particularly with your higher ups will strain. Even your social relationships might be disturbed.

There might be unwarranted and uncalled for disputes or litigation’s with respect to properties. You may have to compromise on your rights in your own properties. Some will have to run for the help of law enforcing agencies like the police. Still, justice will be at a far away distance and you will have to
walk miles ahead to make people listen to your grievances.

There will be situations when you will have to have greater health concerns. Normal health will be affected. Even there might be nothing. But you will have frightening situations that your concerns will be serious and in the end of the day, you will find that you are not in the risk. But, before coming
to this conclusion or medical opinion, you may have spent a good lot of money. Anyway, a caution is necessary in health care matters.

If you are having any new business idea or new venture, this is not the right time for it. It is better that you postpone your proposals until 2017 end.

In most cases, it will not be wise to contemplate or propose a marriage during this time. Some will have opportunities to travel abroad – but under duress and in a state of distressed mind.