Now it is the turn of time, when you can breathe a sigh of relief from Ashtama Sani.The past three years for many would have been turbulent. For the elderly it would have meant health problems and the youngsters might have suffered career and finance related problems.Now it is time for relief.

An absolute relief from Ashtama Sani will keep you happy, while you will continue to have some hindrances in your efforts and ventures. Sani in the 9th place might hamper the progress in economic and academic growth.

A sudden rise or spurt in your economic freedom might raise many an eye-brows. The sudden spurt happens because of the relief from Ashtama Sani and the same might give rise to jealousy and unwarranted animosity within your close or known circles.

There will be more number of people who envy your growth and prosperity which wellbeing in more number of invisible enemies.This is time, when you have to avoid standing guarantee for any financial commitment or commitments as also for any other dealings in properties or liabilities.You will be conditioned by the circumstances where you cannot be your own. You have to be cautious about the circumstances which may lead to a situation that your decisions or actions are controlled from outside. You should take care to avoid such circumstances; otherwise, you will stand as the victim of the situation and will become the subject matter of criticism.

Your finances and family relationships will be comfortable so long as you do not subject yourself to conditions of the situation.The precaution shall rest only on your hands.For some, this time will provide the impetus for a foreign travel, which will elevate your economic wellbeing and growth. For some others, this period will provide for a foreign travel on account of higher education. But you have to exercise caution in your choice of education or area of education, since
Kaarya Hani is one aspect envisaged by Sani in the 9th house, where the objective of the journey might be defeated – to avoid which, you have to be cautious.

In general, finances will be good and there are also chances that you might acquire some property during this time period.In general this Sani Peyarchi will bring about fortunes.