This Sani Peyarchi is going to bring about cheers and happiness in the next two and half years.The main advantage of this Sani Peyarchi is, if your career had not been disturbed in the past 3 years, the job risk associated with 10th house Sani is gone.Even if you have suffered any set back in your career track during the past three years, this Sani Peyarchi will set right things.

You will get a promising job or an encouraging change in your career, an increase in your salary or remuneration and everything that is conducive to growth and prosperity are ahead now. People who did not recognize your performance or contribution to work, will now stop, listen to your performance and go. This will take you to new heights in your career tack. It will also bring in rewards and appreciation. There will be new recognition in the social life also. You will get into the company of new people who will work with you for mutual growth and prosperity. Business or Profession will thrive and bring in new and greater profits and as well happiness.

Some will have a pleasant opportunity to travel abroad and make some good fortunes.Financial status will very much improve added with social credibility. There is going to be a new arrival in the family. You are going to have your child during this period – most probably during the first year of this Sani Peyarchi itself, since Guru is also moving into the 7th house.

Impending marriages will be finalized and you will enter into a happy married life. If you are expecting a Subha Kaarya to someone close to you in your family, it will also materialize and make you feel happy. In general, this Sani Peyarchi is going to bring about all round growth, prosperity and happiness in the
family and it is going to keep you in your cheers during the next two and half years to come.