Sani Baghwan is now coming into your 10th house. This is no good sign of any good period. Now you will have to undergo a testing time, when you will have a good lot of problems in your work place.You may be thinking that your performance is good or even as exceptional. Even some of your colleagues might applaud your performance.In fact what is being observed from your work is not what you have done or how good you have done.

The aspects that are being looked into without your knowledge are what are all you have missed to do or you were unable to do; and which single minor point in which you have committed an error or failed to comply with satisfactorily. All that you have done will now be a forgotten point.This is your status.

For everybody, a particular work would have been tumultuous and rather impossible. But, why you have not done it will be a big unanswered question.For some others, everything might to be running smooth. Something unprecedented will happen which will turn the whole situation upside down.All these things are heat markers aimed at displacing you from your job – or atleast to lower your status and make you feel desparate to leave the job.

This period is that much tough to survive.Even there might be attempts to demoralize your credibility and distort your image.If you want to survive your times, you have to be exceptionally patient and try to sustain your position even if you are degraded. Character assassination might become the order of the day and your option is to tolerate it.

Bear in mind that this is only a passage of time, which will turn out to be good in just another two and half years. You have to survive. This should be your Taraq Mantra. Only then you can escape from the financial crisis.

Some will have health problems like gastritis and chest pain. Do not ignore. Consult the Doctor in time, to avoid complications.