Then Vikramaditya himself gifted a village to the pleased oil trader’s daughter-in-law, and he celebrated his marriage to the princess and to the merchant’s daughter with appropriate pomp and grandeur. There followed a full month of feasting and enjoyment, after which he and his wives departed for Ujjayini, accompanied by numbers of servants, horses, elephants, and chariots. All these accompanied him into his city with music and rejoicing, and the entire procession was escorted through the streets by all the people of Ujjayini, who streamed out of the capital in order to welcome their king on his arrival.
The next day everyone in Ujjayini celebrated the whole day through, while King Vskrama’s heralds made this announcement in the king’s name in all parts of the city: “Lord Saturn is the greatest of all the planets. Let no one suffer as I did for belittling him.” Then, on an auspicious day, King Vikrama ordered the erection of a temple to Lord Saturn, and the populace began to diligently perform Saturn’s worship.
Anyone who reads or hears this story with full concentration and heartfelt devotion will obtain relief from all miseries.