The main relief you are now going to have is from the Arthashtama Sani. When Sani was in your 4th place, it was called Arthashtama Sani. This ought to have had half the effect of Ashtama Sani period, which is considered to be most vicious of all Sani transits.You might have dreamt about change of job or at least a change of location. But never in the past 3 years, it would have been possible. Even it could have had some impact on your health also.

All that is time is going to change now. By the time, this prediction is published several Kataga Raasi people would have felt the warmth of having been relieved from the crux of Arthashtama Sani.Things would have started showing signs of improvement.

A change in the career path appears possible with this Sani Peyarchi. You can see some improvement in your financial well-being. There will be increased income and there will be some added credibility associated with your performance in your work place. There is also the other side of the coin.

Some will have to separate from the family on account of career.Sani Baghwan in the 5th house may render parental ill health. Either the father or mother or maybe a grandfather or grandmother might suffer some health problems.

In some cases, a deep concern about the children and their health might make the nights sleepless.There will be unwanted and avoidable expenses. In some cases, a dispute may arise in respect of ancestral properties or properties acquired by parents.

With all these, the overall experience of this Sani Peyarchi will be felt as a good relief from the bitterness of the past.