Several good things are going to open up with this Sani Peyarchi.The important aspect of this Sani Peyarchi is, your 7-1/2 years’ Sani period is going to end up. The visible and invisible losses that you have suffered in the past are going to end.Sani is moving into your 3rd place, providing you an impetus for new opportunities, growth, prosperity and happiness.

Something you have been longing for – let it be a marriage, or a child birth or something that really matters good for the growth of your family is going to happen.Pending litigation or arbitration or mediation if any, is going to be decided in your favor.Some will have opportunity – if at all your living environment permits – and if you are also fond of – to acquire some animal assets like a milking cow.

You will also be able to save substantial savings and will be able to make a good fortune.If you have been in debts in the past, this is period when you will discharge your liabilities and come out worry free.

Some will have opportunities to travel abroad on an on-site opportunity and stay there for little longer years and thus will be able to make some substantial savings. If you are planning to buy a house or a flat, this is high time you invest into fixed assets. This is a period which will provide for lasting and consistent wealth accumulation.

The friends and relatives who left you and did not turn up to your side, will return now to re-establish their relationships.You will have to be cautious in selecting or accepting or setting aside such renewed relationships, since it will render mixed effects of good and bad.Do not entertain any financial commitment or guarantee for the faithful performance of any third party liability.

This will land you only in problems and reversion of your hard times.This is time for your opportunities and this is also the time for a cautious approach.