Transit of Saturn such as 7 ½ Saturn period or astama-sani doesn’t harm people born in Libra and Taurus moon signs because Saturn is the yogakaraka for Libra and Taurus. Transit of Saturn doesn’t harm Capricorn and Aquarius moon signs because Saturn rules Capricorn and Aquarius. Saturn doesn’t give much harm to people whenever it transits Libra (Saturn’s exaltation house) and Aquarius (Saturn’s Moola trikona house) Whenever Jupiter aspects Saturn in its transits, malefic effects of Saturn will be reduced Sade-sati doesn’t harm much if it transits the stars of venus (bharani, puram, pooradam) and the stars of its own (Pushya, Anuradha or U. Bhardrapada /poosam, anusham, uthratathi) Sade-sati and astama-sani doesn’t harm much if in sarva-ashtaga-varga, the 12th, 1st, 2nd and 8th houses from the natal moon has got more bindus (more than 28). If the dhasa bukthi is good, Saturn transits doesn’t harm much. But the native gets all the benefic effects of good dhasa-bukthi only after a long struggle or after a delay. 7 ½ Saturn period and astama sani gives more malefic effects to leo, cancer and scorpio and aries moon signs. But if they are born in any of the stars of venus or Saturn, it doesn’t harm much.
Om sanaisharaya Namaha! Om yamaya Namaha!! Om Hanumanthaya Namaha!!!