The period of 7-1/2 Years’ Sani – called Eazharai Aandu Sani in Tamil Astro terminologies – is beginning now. The first two and half years, when Sani is in Vrichiga Raasi, is called Sirasu Sani period.This is the beginning of a tough time. Generally people are scared of 7-1/2 Years’ Sani period. Of course, this period will give difficult times and tough experiences with all the financial stresses and losses. But this is not the worst scenario about Sani Baghwan. This period will be tough but not damaging. This will give you experiences that will help you build your future. The difficulties will be multi-dimensional. They might even render some sleepless nights. On one side there will be financial losses and you might even find it difficult to manage your routine expenses. On the other side, your relationships both within the family and in the official circles will very much suffer.

You will suffer all kinds of back-biting. People, who appear to be friendly and cordial before you, will act in a most inimical manner in the back-drop. You might even be psychologically broken at the behavior of the people whom you trusted or relied. You will all the more suffer the character assassination. You
will be blamed for no fault of yours.

There might be brutal betrayal and even cheating from the people whom you loved most. You will suffer emotional damages.These are all not curses – but warnings so that you can be psychologically well prepared for the damages.

New social relationships and interactions with people far below your status might show up. You have to be choosy in your new friendships – otherwise, it will impair your personal dignity and image. Some will have relocation as a matter of punishment and some might even be degraded in their official responsibilities.

Some might have to travel long distances and even abroad against your will.You will find yourself helpless to save your face – being left unarmed and unsupported to defend your case. All that you can do is to remain unruffled, calm, pray God and be prepared to accept time as a passing cloud.