I-CYCLE: MANGU SANI The first cycle is called as the mangu sani. In the first cycle the health of the child would be affected. He would not listen to the words of family members and will involve in immoral activities. His education will be affected. Though the first phase does not do good to the child this phase would give more fortune to the father.

II-CYCLE: PONGU SANI The second cycle is called as the pongu sani. The second phase will do good to the native, but his father will be affected by the Saturn. The native will acquire wealth and good events will happen during the second cycle of the 7 ½ Saturn period.

III-CYCLE: MARANA SANI The third cycle of Saturn is called as marana sani. During the third cycle, he might face lot of health problems or death like agonies. Even death may happen if the dhasa bukthi is also unfavorable. This 7 ½ Saturn period is further broken in to three phases based on the position of Saturn from the natal moon. In the 12th house it is called as viraya sani. Janma sani in the 1st house and kudumba sani or padha sani in the 2nd house.