Who we are?

Actually, let’s start with who we aren’t. We are not a temple. We are not a religious movement. We are not funded by any religious institution. We are not pushing a particular spiritual agenda.

What is our agenda?
To do whatever it takes to help people around the world meet their needs in the realm of religion, spirituality, morality and the Indian value system by providing inspiring information, products and services.

We facilitate performance of rituals at temples in India and wish the most comprehensive and unbiased source of information related to Hinduism, to create awareness and dispel the myths and misinformation that surround this great religion which has taught the world both tolerance and universal acceptance. We hope to support this cause with revenue generated through the services we offer.

Our team insures that we provide reliable, fair, and insightful information. Though they were included in the team by virtue of their skill and reputation for fairness, they also happen to come from a wide variety of religious and spiritual traditions.

We know that exploring religion and spirituality can be difficult. We are often afraid to ask questions lest we be branded as ignorant. We hope that E – Planet Service will provide a safe and inspiring place to explore your spiritual path.