2017 Saturn Transit Predictions:

Details about Sani Peyarchi 2017-2020:

The sun is the head of planets. Saturn is the son of the sun. Saturn is the only planet who has got the name “Easwaran” (Lord Shiva). Saturn is the slowest planet. In general the Saturn gives more benefits and problems. That is why we used to say “there is no one who gives benefits and problems like Saturn”. The Saturn is considered as a bad planet. The Saturn takes 2 ½ to transit from one zodiac sign to another. The Saturn is the only planet which stays in one zodiac sign for long duration. As the Saturn takes 30 years to complete one cycle of transition for all the 12 zodiac signs, it is called as slow planet.

As per characteristics of planets, the Saturn is responsible for slavery job, pain, trouble. If the Saturn is in one person’s zodiac then his characteristics will be recession, slow and he will get body pain due hard work in job. All his works will get complete slowly. (or delayed) According to trik panchang, the Saturn transit from scorpion to Sagittarius on the 13th of the year “durmugi” (i.e) 26-1-2017 at 7:29 pm.

The Saturn transits from scorpion in Leo lagna, Sagittarius zodiac, poorada natshatra (star), 4th phase.

If the Saturn visits transiting front and back of a zodiac then it is termed as 7 ½ Saturn. The Saturn that is in front of a zodiac is called as “Viraya Saturn” (Expense Saturn) The Saturn that is in the zodiac is called as “Jenma Saturn” and the Saturn that is in back of the zodiac is called “Kudumba Saturn “ (Family Saturn)

4th place from zodiac ——> Arthaashtama saturn
7th place from zodiac ——-> Kandaga saturn
8th place from zodiac —— -> Ashtama saturn

For those who have the saturn Dasa, bhukthi and andharam, they will see changes in their life. Let us briefly have a look at benefits of each zodiac. The benefits and problems of the Saturn transition for all the zodiac signs are given briefly given in this website. Click your zodiac sign to get your 2017-2020 Saturn transit results.